First Robotics


  • Colin
  • Chris Goff (chris_goff at asl org)


  • Richard


  • Jeff Wetzel (jeffwetzel at gmail com)

Small Issues to remember

  • Nuts on the fuse device should be UNF 1/4inch


  • Friction is not Traction
  • swivel drive (wheel can rotate around the vertical axile)

Competition 2009

  • Friction of Wheels : 0.05 in line; 0.1 perpendicular the edge
  • Weight of the bot max is 120 pounds

Virtual Robot with Labview

I have asked the programming teams to create a virtual robot. The robot in the shape of a car was supposed to move inside a virutal room with virtual walls. It was decided to divide the group for four teams, each will develop a subvi and then they will be connected in a main program.
a) Sensors team;
Input:will receive the position of the robot (x,y,alfa)
Output:distance to wall
b) Control team
Input: distance to wall
Output: direction change (angle -100..100), forward motion (0..100%)
c) Movement team
Input : Robot Position, desired change in direction
Output : new robot position (x,y, alfa)
d) drawit team
input : robot position
output: output on screen

Suspension thoughts

  • Tank drive robots won all the recent years, it is simple and therefore reliable
  • 3 wheels create a surface, therefore a suspension will be needed to keep the wheels on the ground


  • Long String Springs - RS - 121-214 Length 85, Rate 3.61N/mm, Wire Diam 1.6, Load Min 169.66N
  • Long Soft Springs - RS - 121-163, Length 93.5, Rate 1.34N/mm, Wire Diam 1.25, Load Min 85.42
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