PCB Relay, for 220V - Finder, type 40.61

Motor Driver

l203D - motor driver (HBridge ?)


BCX38B - simple transistor, which can be used as current buster from a microcontroller
IRF520 - Power Mosfet, can be used to drive a motor/coil … can pass good current

MOSFET - Used in the Hoovercraft project : 671-5095


Female connectors

5 way 1 row top entry socket,0.1in pitch RS: 2518200

PCB mounting

Yaroslav found it easy to use connectors by MOLEX company. the KK range is nice.
It is probably easy to order kits rather then connectors separtely.
For example 2 Way kit having ten connectors RS 453123

Voltage Regulator

Positive Voltage Regulator

7805 … (7905 is negative !! be careful ;) )
There are two capacitors which are used to stabilize the voltage:
100uF - RS 572287

Rail Splitter

Used to create virtual ground by splitting the voltage of the power supply by half. May be usefull to drive opamps …
TLE2426CLP RS : 284220

PCB Boards

There are two types of boars for prototyping : Matrixboard and StripBoard.
I personally prefer the MatrixBoard, because I hate cutting the strips :)
to check : RS 5186610
do not buy it -> On RS Matrix boards are RS : 4853909

Strip Boards : 433-826


Bright ones

blue bright, 20mA current and 3.5V actuvation voltage : RS 4663532


Desoldering Strip 5.6mm RS 3143324

Heat Sinks

Borrowed from Zion
RS 507-5835

555 Timer

555 Timer, used for the hoovercraft project
RS : 534-3469

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