Snake Robot Mechanics

Existing Mechanical Designs for robot snakes

Servo and Motor Driven Mechanism

  • Design and Control of a Snake Robot according to Snake Anatomy (journal by IEEE)
  • Coupled-Drive-Based Joint Design of a Snake Robot and its Body-Lifting Method (journal by IEEE)
  • Design and Control of a Second-Generation Hyper-Redundant Mechanism (journal by IEEE)
  • Development of a Low-cost Flexible Modular Robot GZ-I (journal by IEEE)
  • Three degrees-of-freedom joint for spatial hyper-redundant robots (journal by Mechanism and Machine Theory. available on science direct)

Cable Driven Mechanism


Low Level Control

  • [] Servo Controllers General
  • Selected - Pololu Serial 8-Servo Controller (assembled) - Pololu
  • control software to actuate the card is from this link here
  • The servo controller is connected to a computer using a USB to serial 9 pin cable converter.
  • A circuit board was build as a voltage adapter to provide constant 6V to the micro-controller and to the servos. Voltage is supplied from a 18V, 4.9A Hp laptop adapter.


  • 2 voltage regulators 6V 1A (Farnell)
  • 1 capacitor 0.1uF (RS)
  • 1 capacitor 100uF (RS)
  • 1 resistor 1000 ohm (RS)
  • 1 LED (RS)
  • 1 Power socket (RS)
  • 1 Circuit Board

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