Snake Robot Control

Useful material:

Existing Control strategies for robo-snake system

  • Jormungand, an Autonomous Robotic Snake

  • Autonomous control of a snake-like robot utilizing passive mechanism (by IEEE)

  • Multiple Sensor Fusion and Motion Control of Snake Robot Based on Soft-computing

Climbing and Torque Analysis

  • Snake Robot Free Climbing (journal provided by IEEE)

Snake lift up method

  • Coupled-Drive-Based Joint Design of a Snake Robot and its Body-Lifting Method (journal provided by IEEE)

Audio/Sound processing algorithm

  • A comparative study of sound localization algorithms for energy aware sensor network nodes

Tilt sensor control

  • Clinical Evaluation of the Tilt Sensors Feedback Controlled FES for Hemiplegia

  • Inertial Navigation Systems for Mobile Robots

  • High Bandwidth Tilt Measurement Using Low Cost Sensors

  • Sensing Tilt With MEMS Accelerometers

Mathematical Model

  • Motion Control of the N.T.U.A. Robotic Snake on a Planar Surface

  • Control and Analysis of the Gait of Snake Robots

  • Principle of Dynamical Balance for Multibody Systems

  • Fast and Efficient locomotion of a Snake Robot Based on Self-Exitation Principle
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