Flip Clock

Yaroslav always wanted to have a ventage flip clock, from the 70s ….

But these days they are too expensive and its not fun to buy a new one … therefore he found one on the BrickLane Market for 5quid ! (there are two more hidden in the box, the owner does not care about them, anybody interested ?)

and he wanted to have it with a radio .. but he did not find one with radio yet ….

The Clock

It is by the Bodet company. Made in France.
Inside the clock case I found instructions, it says : Operating Instructions BT 6.59
Very simmilar one can be found here here
It is not clear which year it was manufactured.

The mechanism

Actuation Electronics

The mechanism is actuated by two coils. Each makes the mechanism move one minute forward, but they must be actuated in particular order. One coil actuated by applying current one direction, the second coil is actuated by applying current in DIFFERENT dirrection. The resistance of each coil is roughly 800Ohm. The voltage required to actuate a coil is 15Volts.
I have connected the two coils paralel, assuming that the resistance will be lower, therefore the current will be lower and lower voltage will be required to actuate. After the experiment, it does seem to work. It takes 10V for stable turing and 8V for not stable rotation. Each minute though, the polarity on the coils must be reversed. The resistance is 400Om.


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