BestWackyIdeas History

Sometime at the Beginning of 2008

Two friends were sitting in a pub in London and were talking about innovative ideas and that a system should be created to list all the great and crazy ideas which come to our minds …. We were talking that it would be great to share the ideas with the world, so if we do not have time to make it into reality, hopefully somebody will google it and pick the initiative. After a drink or two the decision was made to create a website … on that night the domain was bought.

Sometime at the End of 2008

Yaroslav has realised that he need a space to notepad his experience, for example what types of wires to use and how to wire a transistor or what exactly was the id number of that chip over there which makes this annoyting noise. Thinking it over helped to realise that there is a wider comunity of artists and friends which may find useful some of the notepad information.

February 2009

A thought came to air that the website can be used (in addition to being educational) as a sandbox for technically experienced people to share their knowledge with art people who find it hard to approach high-tech systems and need some help. This sandbox place hopefully will become a meeting border between art and technology. Following the conclusion, Yaroslav has decided to give up the personal style of the website and convert it into more sharable experience.

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